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Achieving Joy is here to guide you through the short term process of self discovery. We hold your dreams and help fuel movement towards them by redefining your past. We work as a team to address your multifaceted nature and concerns. For couples/groups, we guide you through healthy communication, genuine validation, and the opportunity to create authentic solutions.

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Chioma Joy's vision is to bring love, self acceptance and joy into existing communities. So that we, in togetherness, can manifest the life and love we desire. 

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  • Build the capacity to hold joy

  • Remind you that you're 'Whole

  • Make choices from a place of desire

  • Increase joyful marriages

  • Eliminate the impact of historical trauma 



Assurity: Achieving Authentic Loving Relationships' Program  

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Assurity is a Caribbean term that simply means “a firm promise.” At Achieving Joy, we understand that all of us seek to be assured, thus we created a program to help couples foster this feeling in their relationships.


Clients who’ve gone through this will ultimately remain on the same page and work in tandem to build the life that each person desires.


This content in the past has helped couples move through two or more years of communication obstacles in a matter of months. 

Radical Joy Coaching Sessions

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There are times when we realize that we are recreating our past, feelings, and experiences. We notice that it is severely impacting our potential to trust ourselves, our family, and others. This package is designed to dive into the middle of your story and disrupt the program. As you relook at what happened to you, you get to redefine what it means for your present self, and ultimately recreate what is possible for your near future.  

Wellness Retreats

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Each retreat is uniquely different. It's an opportunity to have an interactive encounter to gain clarity, build community, and actively utilize your self determination to create joy, to honor your desire, and embody the presenting topic. Topics include a return to self, self-acceptance, desire, joy, manifesting, the art of dating, and much more. 

Individual Counseling

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Individual therapy will assist you in breaking out of old patterns. This is done by exploring alternate ways of thinking, exploring new behaviors, and replacing old habits that are no longer serving your greater life purpose or daily happiness. What will you lose by staying in the same place you are in now? Achieve Joy today!

Premarital Counseling

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Achieving Joy creates a safe environment where couples can explore their individual needs. From there, we help couples identify how they can work together and support one another in being fulfilled. Topics that will be explored include:

  • Sex/Intimacy

  • Finances

  • Being out amongst family/friends/work

  • Family Creation

Group Counseling

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Self exploration does not have to occur alone. Group Counseling is an opportunity to explore common issues with people who are in similar situations as yourself. 

“The only joy in the world is to begin.”
Cesare Pavese


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