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Are you ready to change your relationships forever?

Over the duration of the program,

I will transform your understanding of communication during difficult times by: 


  • Helping you address what is actually happening during arguments and shut downs  

  • Helping you and your partner(s) improve your non-verbal communication skills to ensure that you walk away from conversations feeling secure and loved

With so much chaos in the world right now, we all could use some certainty. In an effort to assist couples with finding just that, I’ve developed a 2-part program called Assurity.


Assurity is a Caribbean term that simply means “a firm promise.” At Achieving Joy, we understand that all of us seek to be assured, thus we created a program to help couples foster this feeling in their relationships.

Clients who’ve gone through this will ultimately remain on the same page and work in tandem to build the life that each person desires. This content in the past has helped couples move through two or more years of communication obstacles in a matter of months. 

Are you ready to change how

you communicate? 

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Payment plans are available for all packages. Please contact 

if needed

Romantic Couple

Washington, DC

I learned, with my partner I can have a relationship I can rely upon. We move as a team now, which gives me comfort and confidence in us.

Bowie, M.D.

"Achieving Joy has left a lasting impact on my marriage. Sometimes I find myself referring back to the relationship lessons from pre-marital counseling (safe words, listening techniques, considering my partners point of view, etc.), at times I fall short but I can always refocus after I calm down and implement what I learned. The skills that we learned helps us get pass simple disagreements in our marriage and it helps foster healthy outside relationships (family and friends) as well."

Washington D.C.

I can grow and change and the change will be good. I can trust my partner to want to help me.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 1.25.41 PM.png

Achieving Joy Couple, Washington DC

Two years of conflict was resolved in a 1.5 hour session. I realized I don’t have to replicate a life that I was never happy in growing up. My partner can be my true partner.

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