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Learning yourself is a life-long journey. 

Return to Self is the roadmap

Hi. My name is Chioma Joy Petway and I’m going to help you realize your magnitude. 


The first step to harnessing that power is understanding WHO you are. 


Have you ever seen those videos on social media where it’s different versions of the same person arguing with one another?


Did it feel SUPER relatable?


That’s because it’s real.


We all have a community of Selves inside of us with different wants and needs. 

Different parts of us push and shove, deeply disagree, and sometimes make it impossible to make a decision! It feels like you may never actually get or do everything you want because there’s always going to be one part of you stopping the show. 

Or so it seems…


What if I told you that all of your Selves have a common goal: to take care of you and make sure you get what you truly desire? Then what if I told you there’s a way to get them all on the same page?


You would be ecstatic! I know because I was when I found out.

And now I’m going to share this knowledge with you.


Return to Self goes beyond mastering how to soothe inner conflict. This seminar will help you discover deeper truths about yourself and learn to harness ALL of your inner power in order to manifest your heart’s desires.


When all parts of you are not on the same page, it’s difficult to be confident and have the will to move towards what you want. As a result, you cling to opportunities that feel safe and familiar, even if they are no longer serving you. 


This, ultimately, leaves you unhappy and frustrated. And you probably can’t understand why because you’re doing all of the things that have worked in the past and/or that you’ve been told to do by someone outside of you.


The issue is, by not gifting yourself what you actually desire, you are ignoring your heart’s calling. Clinging to familiarity does not create internal peace because you haven’t learned to connect with, hear, and listen to all of your Selves. 


Many versions of you are being ignored! And they’re not happy about it. 


Return to Self will give you the tools to not only tap into each self, but to also create harmony between all of them in order to live in joy and peace. 


This work will completely transform your life in unimaginable ways.

I know because I’m living it.


I’ve been blessed to manifest my dream home and successfully transition my therapy practice to a fully virtual experience. I’ve traveled to absolutely BEAUTIFUL places (Hawaii, Turkey, Paris, Germany, London, and throughout South Africa, to name a few) and built soul-shifting relationships. I’ve learned how to use ALL of myself to call forth what I desire. And it feels AMAZING.


I want this for you.

You deserve this.

Return to Self is a soul-affirming opportunity for you to discern and name the many voices that make up your decisions, your desires, and your internal conflicts. 


Over the course of the day, you will:


  • Review and discuss the question, “Who comprises my internal community?”

  • Learn how to separate and identify each self

  • Uncover what each of your selves need in order to live in harmony with the others

  • Learn how to unify your Selves so that all of you can work as a unified team towards your desires

4 Month intensive

Join us on February 19th for the our second Return to Self masterclass. This seminar will help you discover deeper truths about yourself and learn to harness ALL of your inner power in order to manifest your heart’s desires.

Join us in April for a more in-depth experience! This 5-month exploration. This 5-month exploration includes access to our online community, all 3 previous masterclasses, weekly talk-backs, & more!

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