Achieving Joy Clinicians

Achieving Joy Clinicians

The therapists at Achieving Joy are a community of healers who guide individuals and couples and groups to knowing self, accepting our authentic truth and creating a life that’s reflective of our "soul goals". In this process we transmute generational trauma and replace it with joy. All to help you accomplish the life you truly want to live. 



Chioma Joy works with clients from an understanding that many problematic behaviors stem from fear of repeating past pains and trauma. Using a diverse range of skill sets, her ultimate goal is to empower her clients to achieve the life they desire.

Areas of Speciality:

Couples and Groups | Premarital Therapy | Generational Trauma | LGBTQ 


Katie Dawson is a Relationship Therapist. She received her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from The College of William & Mary. With a background in working with families struggling with intense conflict, Katie offers a unique perspective to her clients who are currently facing difficulty in their most important relationships. Through assessing communication patterns and identity roles that exist
in each relationship, Katie is able to offer solution focused feedback to help clients achieve their goals. Katie’s mission is to create a safe and, when appropriate, fun place for clients to explore their relationships and how they can grow in them together.


Make someone happy,

Make just one someone happy,

And you will be happy, too.

Areas of Speciality:

Marital/Premarital | Family Conflict | Peer Relationships



Diane Jefferson’s mission is to celebrate the resilience of people of color by identifying and breaking the chains of generational traumas. As a substance use specialist, Diane believes the first step is to begin a recovery plan. She strives to create a safe place that the client can explore and describe what her perfect world would be and how I can support her through her recovery process.

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?" Martin Luther King Jr.

Areas of Speciality

Addiction | Women's Issues | Self-Esteem

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I take an eclectic, but client-centered approach to helping clients uncover and unpack the real version of themselves in a way that is gentle and supportive and help them travel along their journey to (1) reveal the parts of themselves that have been hidden away (for whatever reason), (2) embrace the beauty of who they are today and offer opportunities for reframing as appropriate, and (3) empower and embolden them to choose how they want to show up in their lives going forward.


"It is the client who knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried." ~Carl Rogers


Areas of Speciality:

Gay | Emotional Disturbance | Trauma/PTSD



Tifphane Riley is a Couple and Family Therapist, specializing in with over 10 years of experience providing individual, couple, group and family psychotherapy.  As as social justice driven therapist, she has expertise in working with the LGBTQ community, communities of color, health issues, trauma survivors, and couple dealing with a variety of issues from infidelity to sexual dysfunction.

Areas of Spdeciality:

Sex Therapy | Couple Therapy | Gender Identity | Sexual Identity | Trauma

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Aisha strives to motivate and support people to live their truth and take charge of their lives.

Areas of Speciality:

Anxiety | Self Esteem | Depression


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