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Mother Nature Heals

Relax. Reconnect. Rejuvenate

2 Night Camping Trip 


Date: June: 17-19, 2016


Venue:Misty Mountain

Resort, VA


Experience: Curated 2 Night Camping Retreat


Audience: This is a welcoming space for the LGBTQ Community


Cost: $100.00per person

What'st Included:

  • Camping E-Guide To Prepare

  • Designated Tent Area for 2 nights,

  • Continental Breakfast

  • Sunrise Yoga

  • Field Day Gamess/ Double Dutch/Hide and Go Seek

  • Unplugged Concert

  • Manifestation Workshop 

  • Bonfire

  • And Misty Mountain Accommodations: Community Pool, Sand Volleyball, Rec-room, and Sunday Donuts 



What To  Expect:

  • Tent Camping for 2 days on a private field

  • Indoor Restrooms and Showers

  • Minimal encounters with wildlife

  • Relax under the stars 



Play Coordinator

Joy Petway  

Unplugged Artist 

Christen B  

Yoga Intructor

Carlie Anne

Note: Camping equipment, (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pads, etc) can be rented at stores like REI for affordable prices or through your local university (must be or know a student, staff or faculty to rent equipment) .  Food for purchase will also be available for those who prefer not to grill their own food.  


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