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Release: "Reconciling the Expereince of Being Black in America"

Date: October 25 - December 13, 2016

Time: 7pm - 9pm 

Location: Washington, DC

provided at registeration this is a closed group

Cost: $350.00 (includes materials)

payment plans provided

Audience: Decedents of African Slaves in America

Inaugural 8 week support group



  1. Participants will address four out of eight themed areas of hurt that majority of African-Americans has experienced over the course of their life time.

  2. Participants will explore their familial trauma in accordance to the collective experience of the time. Creating a larger context for their individual and family experiences

  3. Participants will use guided trauma focused techniques to begin to heal the hurt inflicted by people of their racial group.

  4. Build a stronger foundation for the developing of healthy and secure relationships, assumption of success, and healthy self-esteem. 




Participants will explore the history of African-Americans from the middle passage to today in sections.  Correlate historical events to their familial narratives and utilize trauma informed techniques like Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy to process out their life traumas.  




Joy Petway is a licensed clinical social worker. 
She specializes in trauma and has worked with persons around their trauma narratives for over 10+ years.  She merges her knowledge of trauma responses with her research on internalized racism inferiority to produce this inaugural support group.  She seeks to assist all persons in reaching their optimal selves, and obtain the life and love they desire. 

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