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Radical Healing Intensive

Your journey begins with a comprehensive assessment. Following this, an 8-hour transformative package tailored to your needs will guide you on your path to rediscovery.


All-Inclusive 3-Day In-Person Intensive


  • Day 1: 4 hours (includes EMDR, Rest, Dinner and Opening Ceremony.


  • Day 2: 8 hours (includes EMDR, Treatments, and Breakfast and Dinner)


  • Day 3: 2 hours (Includes EMDR, Yoga and Meditation, and Closing Ceremony)

Admitting that I need therapy has been a life change for me. The person I use to be wasn’t equipped for everything I have been through. I have had so many different emotions and life altering experiences that I couldn’t even admit made me who I am today. Joy (CEO of Achieving Joy) has helped me to be humble, gain willingness and knowledge, understand the path I have been through in life (which has made me who I am today), find the true meaning of who I am and why.

Sometimes all it takes is saying something (asking for guidance). It’s powerful to be able to make a statement saying I know who I am and 100% mean it. Achieving Joy has enabled me to say that. She is not about defining you, putting you in a category, consistently asking you why do you feel that way? Or leaving you to ever feel alone. She is about helping you create your own foundation, ownership, balance, inner peace, self-awareness, happiness and providing you the tools you need to keep that.

Words can’t explain how grateful I am for having her as a part of my life journey.

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