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Counseling Package Payment Page

Thank you for choosing Achieving Joy. Please choose your

desired payment plan. 

Individual Counseling Packages 

If you have any questions please contact 301-541-3225 or email 

Couples' Counseling Packages 

Refund Policy:  Refund request must be made prior to the first session. No refunds are available after the second session. Refund is in  the amount of cost paid minus  the al carte cost for all provided sessions. Sessions are $150.00 each.  If the cost of the balance is greater then the payment provided, responsible client is required to pay the additional cost immediately.  


Missed Sessions: Session not canceled within 24 hours will be substracted from the total number of sessions purchased. Sessions canceled with advance notice (more then 24hours) can be rescheduled for an additional time.  Time should be made up within two weeks of cancelation.  If you are unable to meet in person, virtual sessions can be provided.  


Payment:  Payments are automatically deducated on the same day each month from the day you purchased the package.  Paypal handles these payments automatically, and Achieving Joy can not readjust them for you. 



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