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Achieving Joy's

New Couple's Orientation

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Over the next 4 weeks I'm going to transform your understanding of communication during difficult times within your relationship. We will address what is happening during arguing, shutting down and fighting. You and your partner(s) will also improve your non verbal communication skills to ensure that you walk away feeling secure and loved in this relationship. This new method of communicating will allow you and your partner to have conversations that will make you feel validated through creating a sacred communication practice with your partner(s). 


What makes this orientation unique is the fact that the results are NOT typical; clients who’ve gone through this will ultimately remain on the same page and work in tandem to build the life that each person desires. This content in the past has helped couples move through two or more years of communication obstacles in a matter of months. 


Are you ready to change your relationship forever? Are you ready to master the skill sets needed to change how you communicate with the people you love the most? 

Frequently Asked Question 

  • How Do I Pay For Session?   Sessions are to be paid for at the time of scheduling.  If you have problems completing this please contact 

  • Can I use my insurance?  For this one time session insurance is not accepted. However, if you desire ongoing sessions, Achieving Joy is in network for Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield, and out of network for all others.

  • What do I need to bring?  Achieving Joy's therapist encourages you to bring a journal so that you can take personal notes. Otherwise submission of pre-screenings online is the only additional step that is needed. 

  • Is there a place to park?  There is plenty of free street parking.

  • What is if I live out of state? Achieving Joy offers both in-person and virtual sessions.  Please indicate a desire for a virtual session at

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