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Counseling Package 

Achieving Joy offers counseling packages designed to heal areas of your life that is getting in the way of living the life or obtaining/maintaining the love you desire. Each package will assist you in moving towards your desired goal swiftly and efficiently.


What will your tomorrow look like? 

Achieving My Future, Reclaiming My Past

This package is designed to help individuals face the difficulties of their past, explore the meaning behind the experiences and ultimately re-write the narrative so that the past can help fuel the future desires of the individual.

Value $1,000.00 

 Discounted Price $885.00  


3 monthly installments of $305.00

Achieving Closure

This package is designed for couples or individuals who desire to obtain closure at the end of a relationship. During this time your exploring what attracted you to this person, what lead to it ending, what lessons are learned as a result of this experience, and what do you need as you move forward.

Value 750.00 

 Discounted Price 660.00  


3 monthly installments of $225.00

Achieving Joy

Explore your passions to create a blueprint for your life.  Achieving Joy therapist will help you look at your hobbies, your career, friendships to find patterns, and opportunities to live your life intentionally with the purpose of increasing your personal joy.

Value $500.00 

 Discounted Price $380.00  


3 monthly installments of $135.00

Achieving A Lasting Connection

This package is designed for new relationships. It creates an opportunity for couples to create a strong foundation, obtain tools for effective communication, learn how to problem solve for future potential problems.

Value $450.00 

 Discounted Price $375.00  


3 monthly installments of $130.00

Achieving Emotional Safety

This package creates the opportunity to improve communication heal from historical wounds and misconceptions, actively work together to create the relationship both partners desire to grow and thrive in.

Value $750.00 

 Discounted Price $625.00  


3 monthly installments of $215.00

Achieving Our Forever

These packages will strengthen the foundation of your relationship, improve communication, cultivate win win problem solving, and heal from historical wounds in the relationship prior to saying I do!

Invest in your forever. Check out the packages by  Clicking Here !!! 

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